Tulbaghia cominsii CGV 1568

Described as recently as 1979 in:

Vosa C., 1979 in Notes on Tulbaghia: 1. A new species from the Eastern Cape and a list of new localities. J.S. Afr. Bot., 45: 127-132

This Tulbaghia has amazing provenance.

It is from the original plant which was the first form imported into the UK by Professor Vosa, who was only the second person to find and collect it in the wild.
It is restricted to just a few populations near King Williams Town, East Cape.

The foliage is distinct, glaucous and filiform, a lovely foil for the 5 flowered umbels of small white flowers which are suffused with pale peach-pink along the central vein of the segments with a creamy-white scale like corona.

Flowering at a height of 18-20 cm, this wonderful little plant is delightfully scented of cloves, extremely floriferous, and rarely out of flower.

In habitat it can be found growing between rocks in dolerite outcrops.

Here, mine is confined to a container.

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