Tulbaghia Cariad

NEW CUTIVAR NAME (October 2008) Cariad is Welsh for sweetheart, an apt name for this new sweetly scented Tulbaghia which produces an abundant display of small flowers of the very palest pink held on 20 cm stems. In contrast the corona which is at first green, changes to darkish mustard brown and matures brownish orange. The relatively fine linear foliage is bright-green, with a light sheen, and while erect at the beginning of the season, becomes recumbent with age. Consequently this marvellous wiggy effect is most effectively displayed in a pot on the patio in order that the habit of the foliage is shown off to advantage. Obligingly it bulks up relatively quickly and is deciduous, thus likely to be hardy, though untried here as yet. The flowering period is from late April onwards. 6 flowered umbels.

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