Tulbaghia Bob Brown

Tulbaghia 'Bob Brown' NEW CULTIVAR NAME
Registered 17/6/2008.

With Bob Browns permission I have registered and named the plant synonymous with Tulbaghia new var. 5 Bob Brown, and Tulbaghia violacea x cernua [or x T. verdoorniae]
Originating at Bob Browns Nursery Cotswold Garden Flowers, it was originally sent to Dave Fenwick for appraisal, and has since then been circulating in the horticultural trade under the above synonyms.
Meanwhile I feel it is has sufficient qualities that earn it a name in its own right.

I have found it hardy over wintered both in pots and the ground outside.

The flowers, approx 22 in all are held on long 3.5cm pedicels, which give the flower head a very distinct open and airy feel, the flowers appearing to almost explode atop the scape.

The inner perianth segments are pale-green becoming flushed purple-pink towards the margins, while the outer segments have a fine purplish-brown central line and also become flushed purplish-pink, but of a darker shade, becoming particularly dark at the margins towards and apex. All of the segments have incurved margins.
The corona is large, fleshy 3 lobed and soft creamy-yellow.
The flowers retained a green hue when placed against the house wall where it only received full sun until noon.
In flower from June to October [2'+] 61cm. Lovely!

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