Tulbaghia Cosmic

Our own introduction which we found as a rogue seedling amongst a pot of Tulbaghia violacea while rummaging around at Bob Browns nursery. We named and released it with Bobs permission in autumn of 2004.
Opening from dark buds, distinctive starry pale-pink perianth segments with a fine glossy golden line down the centre. As the flower matures these become flushed deeper purple-pink. This is more evident on the outer segments, which become tinged with deep purple-pink towards the apex.
The reverse of the segments is purple pink with a very fine dull golden line with white almost translucent edges.
In contrast the corona is large and golden-yellow. Vigorous. A wonderful combination and different.
13-15 flowered. [22-24"]

Incorrectly listed on some web pages as Tulbaghia violacea 'Cosmic'

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