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I will be adding links to scientific papers relating to Tulbaghia when time allows.
Meantime please contact me if you would like a link to your works placed here.

The African Garden

Dave Fenwicks superb website dedicated to the culture, photography, identification, research, horticultural promotion and conservation of Southern African Bulbs and their hybrids. Dave is a former holder of the following NCCPG National Plant Collections®

  • Crocosmia with Chasmanthe.
  • Tulbaghia
  • Eucomis and Galtonia
  • Freesia [Anomatheca Group]
  • Amaryllis (including x Amarygria, x Amarine and x Amarcrinum)

[A visit a day keeps the doctor away.]

Dave Fenwick

Dave Fenwicks NEW website.

African Bulbs

Cameron & Rhoda McMaster's nursery situated in the village of Napier in the Western Cape, specializing in the production of winter rainfall species, with an emphasis on the supply of seed of genera such as Lachenalia, Gladioli, Moraea, Haemanthus and Nerines.
The couple are well known for their specialised and personalized guided Botanical tours both in the Eastern and the Western Cape - taking you to places and staying at venues that no ordinary tourist would ever get to.
Registered as Specialist Wild Flower Guides with the Field Guides Association of SA, Cameron & Rhoda have also compiled a collection of superb Wild Flower images of the Eastern and West cape, which are available on CD or DVD. Much of the flora is photographed in situ, which not only makes for a refreshing change, but you also get to view the stunning scenery.

Silverhill Seeds

Excellent source of seed from South Africa. Reasonably priced, good germination rates.

Southern African Bulb Group (UK)

You do not need to be an expert or live in the UK to join SABG.

For further information about the group or to enquire about joining, please email, write or phone:

Rodney Sims
21 Nathaniel Walk
Tring, Hertfordshire
HP23 5DQ
Tel: +44(0)1442 822669
E-mail: Rodney Sims

Plant Heritage

National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens.

The NCCPG seeks to conserve, document, promote & make available Britain and Ireland's rich biodiversity of garden plants for the benefit of everyone through horticulture, education & science.

Indigenous Bulb Society of South Africa

A society for SA bulb enthusiasts. Lots of good images here. Be sure to click on their 'links' to 'A-Z photographic database of South African Bulbs.'

International Bulb Society

International, non-profit, educational and scientific organization devoted to the dissemination of information on the growing, conservation and botany of all geophytic plants (commonly referred to as "bulbs").

The Pacific Bulb Society

Formed in Spring 2002 for those who garden with bulbs that will grow outdoors on the Pacific Rim; from Alaska to South America, and from Russia to Australia. This includes both cold hardy and tender bulbs, and all the bulbs in between.

Barefoot Herbs

For those you who are resident in South Africa, or if you are intending to visit the country, there are two branches of Barefoot Herbs in Gauteng, one in Muldersdrift and one in Meyerton.
Both have working herb gardens which produce organically grown herbs for use in health remedies, beauty products, culinary mixes and gifts.
As well as running workshops, Sharon Baumgart and Letitia Bezuidenhout publish a very interesting newsletter featuring two herbs a month, detailing all aspects from cultivation, medicinal, and beauty, plus an indigenous page and lots of very tempting recipes.


A website with info on plants, diseases etc, including lots of photos of S African plants taken by Rod Saunders. Find them in 'Resources' in the 'Picture Databank' under the name RC Saunders

International Aroid Society

Membership organization for aroid enthusiasts.

Ohh! Envy is green.

Royal Horticultural Society

Encourages the science, art and practice of horticulture in all its branches

The Plant Finder

The on line database enables you to track down that elusive plant and its supplier, in the United Kingdom.

The Hardy Plant Society

Formed in 1957, and renowned for promoting, informing and stimulating interest in growing hardy herbaceous plants.

Jearrard’s Herbal

An addictive site which I frequently visit to get my plant fix. I spend a lot of time wandering around Johns web site, usually with a cup of coffee in hand. Eclectic range of all plants interesting. A plants-man with taste, a wry sense of humour and a weekly update of what’s in flower in his garden and greenhouse.


The Tulbaghia Collection is labeled using a thermal Labelstation printer.
Printers plus horticultural labels can be obtained from this incredibly helpful company.


Vas’s Home Page

My thanks to Vas for all of his endeavours in building the web site and support thereafter in helping me to populate it. I would gladly give a personal recommendation.

Wales Air Ambulance

This is an all Wales charity providing a vital service through emergency air cover for those who face life-threatening illness or injuries.
Wales Air Ambulance has started 2009 with a remarkable landmark, flying its 10,000th mission since its launch just eight years ago. Two of those were for my Dad.
A vital service that receives no money from government and needs your support.

Impatiens: The Vibrant World of Busy Lizzies, Balsams & Touch-me-nots. by Raymond J. Morgan.

A wonderful book, extremely well-written, informative and beautifully illustrated with many superb images of Impatiens.
Ray is the National Plant Collection holder of the genus. Available from Timber Press. ISBN-13: 978-0-88192-852-5

Timber Press

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