I was granted full status as a National Collection holder of Tulbaghia by Plant Heritage (NCCPG) in 2007.
Tulbaghia.com has been set up as a virtual showcase for the collection.

Tulbaghia are rare, (often described loosely as) bulbs from South Africa, although most are bulb-like structures on a rhizomatous base.

In the UK only two Tulbaghia, Tulbaghia violacea and Tulbaghia violacea ‘Silver Lace’ plants are commonly available at nurseries and garden centres.

This gallery of Tulbaghia, is to let you explore for yourselves the diversity of this wonderful genus.

Tulbaghia information

My remit is to record images of all of the Tulbaghia species, interspecific hybrids, and hybrids, in the collection. This will eventually extend to recording Tulbaghia foliage and roots where it is applicable and of course the habit of the Tulbaghia plant. They vary enormously.

Descriptive notes of the Tulbaghia will be added as time allows.

If you have been tempted and would like to try growing Tulbaghia, I have added cultural information, and suggestions of which Tulbaghia plants are best suited to growing in the border of the garden, in pots on a patio, a gravel garden, rockery, on the bench in a greenhouse, and even the conservatory.

The Tulbaghia are trialled to discover which we have found hardy here in West Wales UK, the results of which will be updated annually.

Links related to Tulbaghia and indeed other Southern African plants hopefully will broaden your interest.

This web site serves as a publishing tool to list our own Tulbaghia introductions and registration dates with KAVB

And lastly, should you have any questions or queries about Tulbaghia, I am only too pleased and happy to answer them. Please feel free to contact me.

Regards, Liz Powney.

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